The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest



Hello Dear Players,
While an occasional bump in the night is expected in a journey to the Stauf mansion, we also want you to have the best possible experience as our guest. Please review the following FAQs below, if they do not answer your question, then don’t hesitate to contact us using the provided form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The Attic Door Productions Team

Gameplay Support

Q: I can’t beat/get past this puzzle, can you help me?

A: Unfortunately Mr. Stauf does not allow us to provide you with the solutions to his puzzles. However, click the top black bar in the game to receive hints/tips on beating the puzzle. You’ll eventually be prompted with the option to have it solved for you, although we can’t guarantee there won't be consequences for doing so…

We also recommend you join our facebook group! The group there has been very helpful to many players!

Q: No new rooms are open to me even after beating a puzzle!

A: Three things trigger new rooms opening: Collecing certain items, solving puzzles, and seeing certain videos:
  • Items: be sure to collect doll and machine parts. There's one in the asylum hallways that is missed often. Look high and low!
  • Puzzles: there is a puzzle in every room in the game, aside from the Attic/Room at the Top, WonderWorld Office, and the Asylum Halls. if you haven't found the puzzles, again, look high and low! Players also seem to miss the Gallery and it's puzzle fairly often. Check the painting at the top of the stairs! Look toward the ceiling in the gallery!
  • Videos: There are some videos that pop up as you walk down the halls or the base of the stairs. If you're really stuck, take a stroll. They pop up very prominently, so you don't have to search too far.
Check your map! It will guide you, and show you what's available, and which rooms you've missed something in!

Q: I STILL can’t figure out where the missing object is!

A: Press the ESC key or click the top black bar to open the in-game menu. Click on the Map. The map provides all kinds of useful information. Locked rooms are grayed out and have a wagging “do not enter” finger. Striped rooms are open to you and have puzzles or objects for you to find. Completely blank rooms are open to you and have no additional required objects or puzzles in them but may have other collectible items you can find.

Q: This house is scary and I think Mr. Stauf is messing with me.

A: My dear player, nobody forced you to take us up on our invitation to the Stauf mansion. Mr. Stauf is delighted with your presence and truly hopes that this visit leaves an ETERNAL impression upon you.

Tech Support

Q: I’m using "X" version of Windows/Mac/Linux, do you support that?

A: We can only guarantee the game will work on operating systems currently supported by their manufacturers. IE As of January 14, 2020 Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7, therefore, we will not be able to guarantee proper game operation on that OS after that date.

Also, as nostalgic as we are for The 7th Guest, our game won’t work on MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98/98 SE, or Windows XP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Some users have reported issues with Windows 7; we're currently looking into a solution. In the meantime, if you're having issues, be sure you've installed the latest Windows Updates and drivers, especially graphics card drivers. It also helps to install both of these WebM video codecs: - -

iPad - it's very unlikely this will ever be supported.

Q: I have "X" video card model, do you support that?

A: We can only guarantee the game will work on hardware currently supported by its manufacturer. Please check the links below to see if your graphics card is still supported:


Q: The game has a black screen with music but, no video and then it crashes after clicking “New Game”.

A: If you have a laptop with a mobile graphics card, these cards often use a shared memory with your normal operating RAM. Please try increasing the shared memory settings for your graphics card, update the drivers, and try running the game at a lower setting.

There are other situations where the video card is simply too old to handle the video and effects used in the game. If your computer and video card are more than 5-6 years old, there could be problems depending upon the kind of card, processor, etc.

Q: My issue isn’t covered in the FAQs

A: Please email us at If possible please attach/send us the log files for the game so we can better assist in finding your issue. Please let us know what the problem is, where/when it happens, and how to reproduce it. Also, some good general tips are to check to see if any of your video/graphics card drivers are out of date and need updating.

Log file location: C:\Users\[your_computer_username]\AppData\LocalLow\Attic Door Productions\The13thDoll